Updating avg in linux

29-Aug-2016 07:24

updating avg in linux-13

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The result gives you the name to use with sudo dpkg --remove This is what I'm talking about.You asked me to use the command dpkg-query -1 '*avg*' This is what I get [email protected]:~$ dpkg-query -1 '*avg*' dpkg-query: unknown option -1 Use --help for help about querying packages; Use --license for copyright license and lack of warranty (GNU GPL).That is unlikely to change because of the vast quantities of eyes watching the code, integrated update system, and more in-built security.In the event that it does, neither How to Ubuntu, eustasy, nor avast!AVG Anti-Virus is one of choice which can install in Ubuntu / Linux.a Free of AVG Anti-Virus for Linux is available for private and non-commercial use only, we can installed it and Update a Virus Database regularly free of charge.

For the most part those that install anti virus are those that are leaving windows and think its just a normal thing to have.

Anyway I never could get it to update, either scheduled or manually, so I decided to just uninstall it and just use Aegis which seems to work fine. But I can go in the file system and see all kinds of AVG files. In the first case, you might use a different package name.

Use the command dpkg-query -l '*avg*' to find the right one.

I downloaded AVG 7.5.45 for Linux from the Grisoft website.

I've been using it for years in Windows and I am on a dual boot with XP. I type in "sudo apt-get remove AVG" and it tells me there is no such file. Did you use a package or install it with apt-get, or did you install it from a gz file?He has worked with global clients and in various industries, including IT, education, defense and space research, and the nonprofit sector.