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Wait until the update is complete to talk with your Google Assistant on Google Home.I'm trying to figure out if I'm approaching my simple fixed-timestep implementation correctly, following examples such as: Gaffer (without RK4), and De Witters Currently, I have a game object which contains position and velocity data members, with position calculated by However, unless the velocity is set to a value of two decimal places, the update makes the position change in an instant (e.g.Huff, who was hired this spring as the new leader of the Bartlesville High Athletic Department, will officially begin that job on July 1.

The newly renovated tennis courts to the north of Custer Stadium also just had lights put up so play can continue once the sun goes down.

Now go play with the incapable and leave the work to the engineers.

Dear Othe Hill: Thank you for your reply, but on that link, the best information given has already been addressed in my original post.

I have Auto-Update Disabled but my Win7 64 bit Ultimate is still updating. The immediate questions comes from a 9,000 system installation, where I installed fiber optics into any of the 20 IBM mainframes 21 years ago and continue to manage 'from home.' I own 5 computer companies, am a published technical writer, went to law school, and own a bike probably more expensive than your car.

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I want to be in control of my own updates and have been able to run them manually when and how I like until just recently. Now let's take "1" system, install six more virtual systems on it running not just Windows, as you probably incorrectly assume as Mr.

Starting 3 days ago, I come back to my system and have a pop-up windows saying Windows has run updates and needs to restart, Now or Later. Know It All, but Google, Ubuntu, and 5 others, configure them all to connect back to any of 6 different server platforms, across any of 60 different Cisco Routers, with an array of client based industry specific databases, and enterprise-class managed systems, setup Active Directory for a few, some with enforced policies and some without, inter alia, and find an odd anomaly with 1 of the virtual systems, on 1 of the 9,000 other systems, post a simplified question for low-level creative types as yourself, and what do you get? jefro - without even knowing what is possible, or being tested, in a multi-billion dollar infrastructure, you would assume to know more than the person posting the question?