Is jen dating gerard butler

16-Mar-2016 12:43

has an interesting story up about the alleged romantic relationship between Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler. [From The National Enquirer] Look, I know my guy is a wh-re.After a whirlwind month and half which included everything from an alleged makeout session in the kitchen during the Golden Globes, to Gerard’s appearance in Mexico with Jennifer and her friends, many people are in disagreement as to the exact nature of their relationship – are they dating? That’s one of the reasons I love him – he’s accessible, and I know he would do me, unlike those other dudes with higher standards.There's no mistaking the on-screen chemistry between Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston in the new action-romance 'The Bounty Hunter.' In the film, Milo (Butler) is an ex-cop-turned-bounty hunter hired to bring his ex-wife Nicole (Aniston) to jail when she skips a court date to investigate a suicide case she's writing about for the New York Daily News.Of course, he couldn't be happier with the assignment, but quickly finds that getting her back to jail may cost them both their lives.Moviefone talked to Aniston and Butler for the scoop on their on-screen antics and what it was like to film their misadventures over and over again.The gracious duo answered questions about how a few stunts went bad ("Jen had blood pouring down her hand" at one point, Butler reveals), working together on set ("Gerard is so loving," Aniston says) and whether they would consider dating their famous exes again ("It isn't impossible," says one of them).Suppose there's always a chance that Jen will end up on the list of celebrity sex tapes, but I sure hope not! Take a look at this list and you will see for yourself.

As Dish previously reported, Gerard’s mom Margaret is also a big fan of his relationship with Morgan and is hoping to someday watch the two tie the knot.He’s been a long-standing bachelor in Hollywood and at 45 has kept most of his relationships very private, but sources close to Gerard Butler exclusively tell Dish Nation he’s more in love than ever and may have found ‘the one.’ The Scottish actor has been dating Los Angeles-area interior designer Morgan Brown for about a year, and pals close to the couple think they could take it all the way. “Gerry and Morgan are a lovely couple and it’s been smooth sailing since the moment they got together,” the insider dished.