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There might be one or two “must-haves,” such as a beautiful smile or washboard abs, and few features we’re willing to overlook, like a potbelly or a few stray grays.If we could build a mate with the perfect body, what would he or she look like?Ok, the first thing I wondered about was if this was a sliding scale sort of thing. So I don’t have to essentially call myself a number, like “seven”, which I was expecting. “Average” means “normal” and celebrities are just normal people – I knew this because during my daily Jezebel perusal, I had just seen a photo of Jessica Alba getting money out of the ATM. ” I mean, yes I’m a little athletic, and a little fit. I exercise 5 or 4 or 3 or, y’know, 2 times a week, and I only drink 2 to 4 nights a week. In fact, when I asked her what she meant many, many times, she finally said, “You look like you work out”, and when I asked her if she meant that I had huge thighs, or that I could pass for a man, she said, “No, you are just the right amount of feminine,” and then the conversation ended in real life, and continued in my head. But the question is, what does full-figured mean exactly? I can probably proudly say with 100% confidence that I am pretty much fine with not being skinny. When I cheer for sports or wave at someone from far away, my tricep fat starts to fly. I just feel sorry for skinny people, even though they probably never ever have crotch sweat. But there’s no way I’m putting “overweight” on my profile. I might have a little extra body fat, but it depends on how much is a little. If I was overweight, that would be fine, and I would be proud to be a beautiful ‘real’ woman, and I would totally be a plus-size underwear model (if, of course, I had the right face structure for modelling…) Larger women are wonderful because what matters is how beautiful you are on the inside, or something like that, but this category is pretty much for obese people. I guess it could be the medical definition of overweight, which according to the BMI index chart, I am on the lower verge of. I’m Cristin and I’m medically almost overweight so deal with it, world! I assumed this was referring to a little extra body fat and not a little extra scars, moles, and hair, in which case the choice would be more clear-cut.

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Doctors can’t yet program an unborn son or daughter to excel in athletic or academic pursuits.

Contrary to prior online dating and gender literature, findings also indicate a greater willingness of women compared to men to use terms that indicate their body might be overweight.

Theoretical explanations look at how positions relative to hegemonic power may be an overriding influence in the importance of body type impression management strategies.

This analysis focuses on impression management strategies by examining how people advertise their body type in a public arena.

Analysis also draws upon the types of bodies these people desire in an ideal date, as a second method of looking at the norms surrounding the ideal body type for a given group.Drawing upon intersectionality theories, this paper looks at potential biases in previous online dating literature towards white heterosexuals.